Saturday, October 2, 2010

more of these problems

My current ex has been the most  unstable of them all. I still question what drove me to be with her, she doesn't have the healthiest lifestyle. Every weekend consists of binge drinking and going out (I don't partake in this. I have in the past but grew tired of it) random kids parties (a girl in her mid 20s hitting up an 18 year olds house party). Her heavy consumption of liquor is accompanied with smoking (not much of a smoker, i have done weed and stopped. I want to get a vaporizer before i do it again). She doesn't do weed, but insists on smoking cigarettes which sounds immensely contradictory. She illegally sells prescription drugs to her friends for profit. She's been incarcerated. Her taste in music is almost entirely opposite to me, we do have some small musical common ground. She lives much too far away from me that I can spend time with her. As a  result, we converse through video chatting on some occasions during the week. She constantly hangs out with her friends, she seldom makes the time to be with me. The time she does spend with me is wasted on tv shows and we hardly talk about anything. The last few times she had nothing to say to me.

The pros about this girl: she's gone as far as to hook me up with  a cell and has paid for one of my trips over. When we were together she'd be so happy and intimate (but we'd have little to talk about).

As you can see the cons far outweigh the pros and for some foolish reason I'm tempted to try and make this work. Anyone care to share some insight? Promise this is the last sobby entry, xanga is for emo @__@


  1. hey, this is one of my more favorite posts from you :)

  2. Yikes... I was with a girl that smoked once... One thing to remember.. if you're not happy, you're not happy.

  3. You know, every one is compatible. It all depends on how much you love that person. The less "compatible" the more youll love her in the end. However, the raod leading there will be like S$itt12G bricks.

  4. girls can mess with your psych man :/
    check my blog for sick politics!