Friday, October 1, 2010


There's a girl I've been talking to for a while. We started talking online (we met a while back) and I was helping her out with some guy troubles. I found myself constantly talking to her, trying to make her happy because she always seemed down. Ultimately it just gets to the point where you start liking the person, feeling like you should go a step beyond just trying to make them forget about some crush. I offered to go out with her for a few drinks in the hopes of some face time and so we did. That night, she had one too many and ended up breaking down to aforementioned crush. She eventually got over it and our outing ended. I feel like I may have developed feelings for this girl even though she clearly has her mind set on someone else (even if he may not be interested in her). We still talk, about other things that make her upset other than the guy. I've gone on a few more friendly outings but I feel I should probably make my intentions clear before treading any further. What's the take on the rest of the blogging community?

The title is in relation to the character from House, whom apparently develops an attraction to broken people 


  1. Good luck with her man.. women xD

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