Saturday, October 9, 2010

i have returned

Life's been a bit hectic. For starters, my parents are leaving the country for a week if not longer. I will have to fend for myself in that time, but I'm also going to be able to indulge in more independence. For me this is an opportunity to see what my life would be like I were living alone (a goal i wish to accomplish sometime in the near future). I admit I'm worried for my parents and I feel like I'll miss them in that time, but I'll deal with it. Another thing that has become a problem is my laptop. I'm currently typing from a keyboard connected to it via USB (along with an optic mouse because using the touchpad AND the keyboard was driving me insane), this is due to water damage. i'm going to attempt some repairs on my own sometime in the future. I would use the warranty I purchased, but the retailer said it expired some time ago. I would try to renew it, but they said it was too late so my current options are to buy a new laptop (with near non-existent money i have) or self fix. My Henchman 21 costume is near complete, I'm buying some foam and tape tomorrow to make the wings, belt buckle and visor. I keep saying I'll post pics soon and I will as soon as the vest,shorts and boots are done.

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