Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Thousand Suns (a shit-tard review)

Original Thoughts:

What the fuck happened to Linkin Park?! These guys used to be the shit back when i was in junior high, now all their shit is snippets and intermissions. Their first single (The Catalyst) was showcased on a Medal of Honor trailer which was awesome. It also sounded like these idiots learned their lesson from that last shitty album... STILL INTERMISSIONS!!

Current Thought:

So I removed all this spammity spam spam and nearly cut the track count by half,  also pulled off lyrics from random sites:
Burning In The Skies- ok so you gave me like 5 minutes of intermission and your waiting another minute and change to actually put lyrics in your music... at least it has a faint sound of what they used to be
When They Come For Me- more like original LP, lyrically, but focusing too much on the samples and DJ, where's the guitar and bass at?
Robot Boy- .........fuck you guys
Waiting For The End- WHOA...WHOA... the emcee was never fucking Jamaican, that dude is white(half Japanese i think). At least the lyrics are nice.
Blackout- I actually liked the first 2 minutes of this song until yea... the idiotic scratching and then it just went downhill.
Wretches & Kings- Liked this when it first came out, minus the constant 'ey, ey' in the background. You know you made shit music when you have 'ey ey ey ey' monotonously or the one long 'EYYYYYYYY'. The Fonz is rolling in his imaginary grave
Iridescent- skipped
The Catalyst-Liked this, but then i noticed the autotune. At  least, they didn't use it the whole album. could use more guitar though...
The Messenger- wow... fuck this

what about you guys?

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