Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hi (pt. 2)

last night proved to be very interesting. after more than 7 years i was reunited with a very old friend of mine. due to a much better social networking site *ahem* i was able to find her and talk to her. from what i gathered, she changed a lot. nothing like the girl i had seen on my random walks home from school. or the girl i had a crush on in kindergarten. for starters, she was already taken, a fact i was very well aware of. she had a career, not a job. the boyfriend as well. immediate thought is that this girl is living the dream, she has money, she found something she's good at and makes a living from it. she found someone, whom also has found his stable life. 
i guess disappointment settled very soon. the boyfriend, seemed distracted... i should make a step back. i've made it a habit to study people. not just at gatherings, everywhere. trains, on walks, at parks, anywhere. words don't need to describe a person, simple actions speak for themselves. appearances also send off a vibe, what they carry and whatnot. it's much easier than asking away at a person. but yea, here i am with a group of 11 people, boyfriend meeting everyone for the first time. first course of action is to sit at the bar, get a beer and sulk away. my friend, catching up with friends in this period. surely he must feel lonely or out of place, i'l try to make a conversation and make the guy feel like he's definitely wanted (i also felt out of place anyways). a small talk about beers is all i was able to get out of him (very female taste in beer, might i add. i shouldn't talk, i'm no connoisseur myself). then there was the constant checking of the phone, blatant might i add. from both of them. i had my share of texts coming at me, i just kept it under the table, these two just flat out laid their phones on the table with interval checkups. it was so difficult to get any words out of the guy, i decided to spend my efforts with the other guests and my friend.  
so much easier to talk to, i could seamlessly fit in with these people. interesting people, not wild, not out of hand (at least tonight). nights like that should happen more often. other than the guy, there was no need to analyze. just talk, converse, make something of interest with new people.

hmmmm fixed my own frustration... 

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  1. Your post was a little hard to read in its current state. Some capital letters would do you well. Good post, though.